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Commissioning, 26 November


One + One = New!

We’ve heard it many times over recent months, especially in relation to Australia One. The School for Officer Training is moving towards a significant moment in our calendar. That moment is the Commissioning and Ordination of the Cadets of the Messengers of the Gospel session.

For Salvationists, Commissioning is not unexpected. We are used to it being a regular event at the end of the year, a few weeks out from Christmas. However, this year it will be the first time since 1930 that we have had a combined national Commissioning. Almost 100 years since one Commissioning took place for the national Army, we will gather together in Sydney, on the last weekend in November, to participate in this significant event together. This will also be the first national event for the Army since the launch of Australia One in Adelaide in 2016.

Cadets will travel from as close as Maroubra Corps and the Bexley North Campus of the School for Officer Training, and as far afield as Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, to unite together for the events associated with the Commissioning and Ordination of Officers.

Activities over the weekend commence with Covenant Day on Friday 24 November, Commissioning Luncheon on Saturday 25 November and culminate with a public meeting on Saturday 25 November at 4:00pm at Sydney Congress Hall where Cadets will become Officers. Recognising that many Salvationists across the country will be eager to support and share in this occasion the public meeting will be livestreamed across the internet.

From Commissioning, the newly commissioned Officers will be sent out into the communities to which they have been appointed, commencing in their new appointments in January 2018.

We would love your prayer support as we prepare for this significant occasion.

Grace and peace

Captain Adam Couchman
Assistant Training Principal, Administration
Catherine Booth College – School for Officer Training


  • That all of the details will come together.
  • Events will run smoothly.
  • Cadets will feel embraced, loved and supported as they enter into their covenants with God.
  • And, most of all, God would be glorified through it all.


Scripture Reading
Matthew 24:14a

‘And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations.’