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Sermon Resources


Anchor Point

Many of us are faced with the challenge of a busy life. This sermon unpacks 2 key spiritual disciplines we can all practise to maintain a vibrant spiritual life in an overly demanding world. Sermon pack includes: Full sermon transcript, outline, PowerPoint slides and artwork.

Others: Sermon on humility


Humility is a challenging topic: who is qualified to speak on humility? As I researched this topic, I noticed that it isn’t about being polite or avoiding positive feedback and accolades, but something much more challenging!

Pack Right

Pack Right

This resource pack offers a Sermon Outline, Transcript, PowerPoint Presentation, Video, Testimony and Images to help deliver a powerful sermon to your congregation on the subject of forgiveness.

Pizza kitchen

Soul Kitchen 2015

Jesus said our soul is worth more than anything else in the whole world, and to intentionally protect it. Discover how in this engaging sermon: Soul Kitchen.


God's Tone

God speaks to us and His tone is one of love and peace. Jesus taught, “My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me”- John 10:27. The sermon outline and transcript include teaching illustrations throughout to help communicate this message.

The extra mile

The Extra Mile

Volunteering allows us an opportunity to serve God and live out what Jesus taught. “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles” (Matt 5:41) This Sermon outline includes scriptures teaching about serving.


Founders Day

A variety of sermons and other resources for Founders Day

Day of Prayer for Children

A variety of sermons and other resources for Day of Prayer for Children


Anti-Poverty Week

A variety of sermons and other resources for Anti-Poverty Week


Christmas Sermons

Your annual Christmas sermon series

Christmas 2016: Light of the world

Christmas Sermon 2016: Wk.One - Advent

Advent is a wonderful time of celebrating the arrival of Christ and anticipating his second coming as King of kings. This sermon reveals the intriguing meaning of advent, how we can prepare our hearts this Christmas.

Christmas week two sermon - shining our light -christmas tree

Christmas 2016: Wk. two - Light of the world

Sharing our faith with others can be a daunting task at times. Drawing on the Christmas story, this sermon provides a quick guide to help start faith conversations.

Christmas gift poster

Christmas 2016: Wk. three - Star of Bethlehem

This sermon ignites our imagination as we explore how the star refers to Christ, the prophetic message it holds, and how God continues to guide us to Christ.

Christmas 2016: gift

Christmas 2016: Wk four - God the giver of life

This sermon helps the hearer understand how they can relate to God as a tender loving Father, and explore the bountiful grace of God that empowers us to reflect the image of Christ.


Easter Sermons

Your annual Easter sermons series

looking at the light and cross from inside the cave

2017: The Easter Journey

This pack has several creative resources for you this Easter, including full sermon transcripts, artwork, PowerPoint slides, invitation cards, Saturday devotional material and more.

Unveiling the kingdom - curtains and hills

2016: Unveiling the Kingdom

Our Easter theme this year is “Unveiling the Kingdom” and celebrates how Christ removed all barriers that seek to separate us from God.

Easter resource 2015

2015: Whole World Redeeming

Coined from the song written by General William Booth titled "O Boundless Salvation", this Easter Resource helps us to remember what the Lord Jesus did for the whole world.

2014: The God Twist

2014: The God Twist

This Easter resource pack highlights the "God Twists" in the Easter narrative


Pentecost Sermons

Your annual Pentecost sermons series

Insight Series: Pentecost- image wheat

2016: Insight Series: Pentecost

Celebrate Pentecost this year by searching out the great treasures within God's Word. The first instalment of our new devotional series, this insightful resource includes: an overview of Pentecost:, including its history, key features and developments. A study guide including a chapter outline of Acts 2, verse by verse comments, key words, and reflection questions.

Pentecost 2015 Great Days

2015: Great Days

Pentecost is one of the greatest days in God’s redemptive calendar. It is the day when the Church was born and when God's redemptive power was made available for all. In this two part series, you will explore some great questions, especially: "what does all this mean?" (Acts 2:12)

Pentecost 2014 Life and Godliness

2014: Life and Godliness

God thinks of everything. Salvation is a total package deal. He has not left anything out that we need to live life as He intends or to be the people that He calls us to be. 2 Peter 1:3 tells us, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness”. Over this three-week Pentecost series we are looking at what we have been given to enable us to live lives of power and holiness.

temple image

2013: Living Temples

God has always desired to dwell amongst his people. Throughout history, He has lived amongst the people of Israel, first in the tabernacle and then in the temple. In the New Testament, the church is the new temple of God. At Pentecost, God came to dwell in his temple, amongst his people. His presence and his glory rests on us. This Pentecost series looks at the significance of the church being the place of God's dwelling and what this means for mission.