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As the two administrative territories of The Salvation Army in Australia continue to grow closer, merging into a new national unity by January 2019, a new set of mission values has been released.

Words have value, impact and power. By taking on these words, the Salvos signal their intent to continue to be others-focused.

These national Salvos’ values are: Caring for people; creating faith pathways; building healthy communities; and working for justice. Being there, when people need us most. It seems obvious, but it’s the Salvos publicly making a commitment to offer  care and compassion.

That care goes beyond the physical to include the societal and the spiritual; The Salvation Army, as part of the Christian church, works holistically to share the good news as preached and lived by Jesus Christ – graciously, invitationally, ‘hopefully’.

No-one gets to where they want to be on their own. The Salvos believe in building a sense of community through long-term partnerships and relationships. That makes sense when you consider the additional desire to tackle ‘the social systems that harm creation and strip away human dignity… building a fairer world where all can thrive'.

These big sky, aspirational statements are underpinned by integrity (honesty and accountability), compassion (hearing and responding to pain with love), respect (affirming the worth and capacity of all people), diversity (embracing difference as a gift) and collaboration (creating partnerships in mission).

These are big, generous statements, as suits a movement that sees God in everyone. The statements are worth thinking through, and worth talking about, because The Salvation Army believes all people are worth valuing.
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Barry Gittins, territorial social programme and policy consultant - researcher / writer

Barry Gittins


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