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Brian Hallet in four childhood images

Red-letter days for Brian

Life is cyclical; it has its seasons and signposts, and we tend to measure time by how they come and go. For the Salvos’ director of community relations, Brian Hallett, one of the tell-tale signs of winter is the Salvos’ annual national Red Shield Appeal doorknock, held on Saturday,Sunday, 26,27 May.

‘It’s been a part of my life, collecting for The Salvation Army,’ Brian says. ‘I am 52, I was born in 1966, and we started the Red Shield Appeal here in Australia in 1965. I can remember going out with my Mum as a young boy, knocking on doors and ringing on doorbells.’

Through the ensuing decades, each year Brian has turned up to ask Aussies to help the Salvos help other Aussies through the Red Shield Appeal.

He’s stood at intersections and hiked up and down flights of stairs. He’s played musical instruments, climbed steep hills and jumped muddy puddles. He’s shaken hands; laughed and listened to people.

He’s been rained on, hailed on, hit up for help occasionally, and even had the odd conversation with puppy dogs. 

As a Christian and a Salvo, Brian sees the appeal of the annual fundraiser. ‘I rock up to church on Sunday, and I hear stories of how Salvation Army services help people who are homeless, or fighting addictions, or are unable to feed their kids,’ he explains.

‘We can’t all be on the frontlines, doing the work of The Salvation Army, the “helping” mission. But the Red Shield Appeal is one way of funding that mission, and I choose to give some hours of my life, each year, to see it happen.    

‘Sometimes the people we meet when we knock on doors have needs beyond our own ability to help them, but that’s the beauty of The Salvation Army – we can connect them to people who can help them.’

This year the Red Shield Appeal doorknock is aiming to raise $7.5 million, to help fund Salvation Army social work. That figure is part of the overall annual Red Shield Appeal fundraising target of $73 million.

It is a big ask of Australians, to put money behind the good works of the Salvos. And collecting for the appeal can be seen as a big effort in busy times. But Brian Hallett, as man and boy, knows that it’s an effort that is worth making. 

As well as making a tax-deductible donation, you are more than welcome to join Brian and thousands of Australians in the Red Shield Appeal doorknock.
To volunteer to help collect, please call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) or register here: salvos.org.au/volunteer

To donate, call or go online as above, or you can donate in person at any Westpac branch or any Salvos Stores shop.


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