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International Congress 2015

Communique #11 Update July 2014

1. Registration

Registration has been open for 3 months and delegates have been able to book tickets to attend all seven sessions at the Congress. Payment will be requested in August. We currently have reserved 11,500 tickets, meaning there are approximately 3,500 more seats available within the O2 Arena. If you have anyone in your Territory/Region/Command planning on attending the Congress for the full five days and have not registered, please encourage them to do so as these remaining seats will go quickly. For those looking for individual meeting tickets, we do believe that we will have a sufficient supply of these for sale in January. Please do not buy 5 day tickets if you are not planning on attending the full five days.

When payment is requested in August, we expect a percentage of delegates who had reserved tickets to not move forward with the purchasing aspect, so tickets that are not paid for will then be released back into the general sales pool for those who are still trying to get seats for the full five days.

If available, individual session tickets will be on sale in January and should the Arena sell out, we are working on overflow plans to accommodate approximately 2,600 people. The Congress encompasses much more than the general sessions, and while the overflow area will be a place to watch the sessions via video screens, there are a myriad of other events taking place during the five days to engage all delegates.

Concerts/Workshops/Film Festival

The schedule for all of these events will be posted in January 2015 and delegates will be able to go to their accounts and purchase tickets to any events listed therein. All tickets will be grouped together under the account holder’s name for collection at the registration point(s) in the O2 Complex. Those who are registered for the Congress will get first notification of the availability of tickets. A few days later the general public will be notified via our website and social media outlets. 2

Self-Paying Delegates

If you have registered and not added your Congress tickets, please do so. Encourage your delegates who have registered to look at their accounts and make sure they have added a ticket package. If they do not add tickets, they have not completed the registration process, nor will they have tickets for the general sessions of the Congress. As we have reviewed the records, many have filled in their information, but have not added tickets. This is a crucial element of the total registration process.

2. BOUNDLESS: The Whole World Praying

The prayer wave will begin on the 1st July 2014 through the last day of the Congress. We encourage you to look on www.facebook.com/SA.CSLD for promotional materials that can be downloaded for your use as you prepare for the 24/7 prayer initiative.


We are pleased to announce that we have been able to secure the London Soccer Dome (formerly The David Beckham Academy) and the European Sports Ministry Department under the leadership of Lt. Colonel David Bowles will be coordinating this. More information will be forthcoming, but every Territory/Command/Region is encouraged to participate in this exciting venture. There will be a ‘per person/team cost (more details to come) and the matches will take place during the off-hours of the general sessions (mornings and afternoons). There will be one team per Territory/Region/Command. We are grateful for Lt. Colonel Bowles and the Europe Zone for their support.


More will be said about this at a later date, but leadership has informed the Congress Office that delegates (Salvation Army officers and soldiers) are expected to wear uniform. ‘Summer uniform’ is acceptable. This consists of epaulet shirt with officer or soldier epaulets, trousers for men and skirt for women, & tie for men. Of course, full Salvation Army uniform is always acceptable. It is hoped that many will wear national uniform and that groups participating in the sessions will be in national dress or national uniform. It will be summer in London and July can be warm.


The International Congress will be adorned with beautiful and colourful bunting supplied by Women’s Ministries from all over the world. The International Women’s Ministries Department is asking each territory/region/command to contribute by making triangles according to a pattern that will soon be distributed. It is hoped that these triangles will be representative of your county(s) and culture utilising coloured fabrics and Salvation Army designs.

We are grateful to the women of the Stepney Corps in London for volunteering to assemble these flags, thus joining women from around the world together in 2015. This ‘international’ bunting will greet Salvationists from all over the world as they move around the O2 and the streets of the East end.

Be watching for more details. 5

International Bunting


1. Registration:

Encourage self-pays and subsidised delegates to register. Any unused subsidy slots will be released 01 September. Also, please remind delegates who are not coming for the full five days to not register for the five day package. If their package is not picked up by the account holder by noon on Thursday, 02 July, the tickets will be forfeited and placed back into the general sales pool. Refunds will not be given to those who have not picked up their five-day packages by noon on Thursday 2nd July.

2. The Whole World Praying:

This world-wide emphasis began 01 July, 2014. Please make sure your Territory/Region/Command is prepared to participate.

365 boundless prayer starts 1 July 2014


3. Mind the Gap:

Please continue to encourage people to participate at whatever level they can in the MTG initiative, as any and every amount will help us as we bring almost 1,500 delegates to the Congress. An on-line donation system will soon be available on the Boundless website.

4. Social Media:

We are just over 4,500 likes on our Facebook page. There are thousands more Salvationists on Facebook and this is a very easy way to keep people updated about special things happening at the Congress. Those who ‘like’ our page will receive updates and Congress news, so please encourage your officers and soldiers to find us and ‘like’ us!


We are also on Twitter:


7. March Down the Mall

We want to make you aware that we have submitted the application for the March down the Mall. At this point we are awaiting permission. We have given them two options – Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Whilst it is still too early to book flights to London, please make your delegates aware of this. We hope to have word back from the Royal Parks before airline tickets can be purchased, but just in case we don’t, we wanted people to be aware of the possibility that the March could be Sunday afternoon, which might alter travel plans should they desire to be a part of this experience.


1-5 July 2015

O2 Arena, London England
(in London’s East End)

The Whole World Redeeming

Theme Verse:

'Preach to the nations the boundless riches of Christ.'
Ephesians 3:8

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