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International Congress 2015

Communique #12 Update 5 September 2014

1. Registration

IHQ have began accepting payment for tickets and encourage all self-paying delegates to log in to their account and pay for the tickets they have currently reserved. Delegates who had previously reserved tickets have up to 90 days to pay for them (from 4 September) and any unpaid tickets will be released on 3 December, so please encourage your self-paying delegates to pay for their tickets before this date.

There are still tickets available for those wishing to attend all 7 sessions at the congress, so please continue to encourage those who haven’t booked tickets to do so as soon as possible. Every delegate wishing to attend the congress needs to have a ticket booked.

Some delegates have filled in their personal information but have not booked a ticket for themselves, so please encourage all delegates to check their accounts and ensure they have a ticket booked for everyone on their account. Delegates can no longer reserve tickets and any delegates who book tickets now will need to pay for them within three (3) days. All ticket bookings are done via the International Congress website – http://www.boundless2015.org/boundless/registration

Sometime ago, I checked all our registered delegates and made sure that they had reserved their tickets. Hopefully no-one was missed.

For those who are only looking to book tickets for individual sessions:-

these are still planned to go on sale in January 2015 and, in the coming months, further information will be released about when these tickets will go on sale. At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly how many tickets be available for individual sessions but hopefully more accurate information will be released about this nearer to the time (January). Please encourage your delegates not to buy a full ticket to all 7 sessions if they are not planning on attending all 5 days of the congress. Should the Arena sell out, we are working on overflow plans to accommodate additional people.

Concerts/Workshops/Musical/Film Festival

The schedule for these supplementary sessions will be posted in January 2015 and delegates will be able to log in to their account and book tickets to any of these events for the delegates on their account. Further information will be issued about when these tickets will go on sale in the coming months and those who are registered for the Congress will get first notification of the availability of tickets. A few days later this will be communicated to the general public via our website and across our social media channels.

2. Accommodation

Please remind your delegates to keep looking at the accommodation page on the Boundless website. In addition to hotels, a selection of new properties, including apartments for families and groups, will soon be added. These may be less expensive to hire/rent than a hotel. Please also refer to the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to assist with your accommodation search.

3. Flights

If you have not made your flight reservations, please wait for a couple of weeks, if at all possible. Negotiations with the Royal Parks about the March Down the Mall are still in negotiation and there is a very real possibility that it will take place on Sunday morning, meaning the final session of the Congress would take place on Sunday afternoon. This would impact flight departure times and might mean some people will need to book departing flights for late Sunday night or Monday morning. A special communique will be sent the moment they have a decision from the Royal Parks. There should be an answer soon.

4. Hospitality Suites

If you are interested in having one (or more) hospitality suites, we will be releasing the application in a special communique shortly. As a reminder, these are first-come, first-serve and will be time and date coded upon receipt. We have 32 suites seating 15 people and 37 suites seating 18 people, which will cost £2,000 and £2,250, respectively. This opportunity is available to any person or Army entity that is financially able to participate and not harm the work of The Army in their local area. Your territory/region/command may wish to be notified of any official funds used for a suite, but you will need to communicate that to your people. Again, hospitality suites are only available for fully registered delegates, who must sit in the suites the entire 7 sessions.

5. Salvation Army World Cup

They regret to announce that plans for a Salvation Army World Cup are currently on hold. The original venue, the Soccer Dome, has been recently sold and is no longer available. Currently other possible venues in proximity to The O2 are being investigated.

6. International Congress Webcast

As the 150th Anniversary Congress approaches, the International Congress Team would like to ensure that everyone feels included in the celebrations, whether they are in London or at home, watching in-person or streaming the event online. The General has expressed his dream of a unified army, and we pray to be unified and inclusive in our commemoration of the past, celebration of the present, and innovation for the future.

The details are still being pulled together on exactly how and when the sessions will be filmed and available for streaming. But, in the meantime, advertising will be prepared so that this is considered as an opportunity for corps families to come together. Please remember that attending the congress is not the only way to be part of this celebration. If you are a corps officer who is attending, please make sure that those in your corps, who cannot join you, are able to watch the Congress, whether it be through a corps fellowship viewing or opening up the corps doors to those without internet. It is hoped that for this historic event to be as accessible as possible. Why not begin a conversation with members of your corps or division and see what can be arranged in order to open up the Boundless Congress to the entire Salvation Army world? Be Boundless!

7. Pre and Post Congress Tours

Commissioner William Francis and Dr Roger Green will be leading a Post-Congress Heritage Tour that begins Monday 6 July 2015, the day after the Boundless Congress concludes. The tour will be a custom designed 10-day tour exploring the sites and scenes of Salvationist roots throughout England. There will also be Pre- and Post- Congress Holy Land Tours which have been specially organised with Boundless in mind. Maranatha Tours (UK), who have close links with The Salvation Army, have been organising tours to the Middle East for 25 years. These tours will be led by Majors Andy and Gwen Cox and Majors Dawn and Graham Mizon, who have experience in leading Christian tours to the Holy Land. Space for both tours is limited so book as soon as possible, if you wish to attend. See the tours pages on the Boundless website for more information.

8. Accessibility at the O2 Arena

The O2 is a fully accessible venue. Lifts and public areas are designed for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are also available and, if you need, the O2 has its own customer service team that you can contact for assistance. An international congress-specific webpage on accessibility during the Congress is forthcoming on the Boundless 2015 website.

9. Mind The Gap

Please share this Mind the Gap update.

Approximately 80% of the world’s Salvationists are from developing countries, meaning that, without ‘minding the gap,’ the international congress will not represent the true cultural richness and diversity of the Salvation Army and its varied ministries.

The General has, therefore, set a fundraising goal of £100,000 to assist in bringing to the Congress approximately 1,500 Salvationists from the developing world, who would not otherwise be able to attend. So far, individuals, corps, centres, and divisions have raised £73,000 of the £100,000 goal. That’s almost 75% of the way there! But we’re not done yet and we need your help!     

By donating, in full or in part, to sponsor a delegate, you will be helping to cover:

  • A round-trip flight to London, England
  • Passport and visa
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Tickets to all 7 sessions and a travelcard for local transport
  • A ‘Boundless Buddy’ to support the sponsored delegates during the Congress (many will never have travelled outside their country, so their journey to London will be a new experience).

You can donate at your Corps, through your Division or contact Major Kerryn Roberts kerryn.roberts@aus.salvationarmy.org to facilitate your donation.

Ruth Ketia Presna is a sponsored delegate from French Guiana in South America. Her ministry is with junior soldiers and she says,

  “I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me to be a sponsored delegate as I would not be able to pay my way to the Congress. On my return, I will be able to share the knowledge and experience that I will gain from this Congress and I believe that I will be able to serve the Junior Soldiers better. I can’t wait to see July 2015!”

For more information, please visit our webpage at http://sar.my/mindthegap. Please also “Follow” us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with Mind the Gap news.


1. Registration:

Full tickets are going quickly, so do not delay in registering if you wish to attend all 7 sessions at the Congress. Delegates can now pay for tickets that have been previously reserved but any further tickets that are booked will need to be paid for within three (3) days. Tickets for individual sessions, concerts, workshops, the musical and film festival will be available from January 2015 (subject to availability).

2. March Down the Mall

As soon as we have the final word from the Royal Parks, we will send a special communique. If you can wait to make flight arrangements until the end of September, we would encourage you to do so.

3. Hospitality Suites

Please review the information and share with your soldiers/ corps/divisions, etc. Applications for the hospitality suites will be available shortly and this will be communicated in a special communique.

4. Congress Webcast

Please begin making plans for those who will not be able to attend the Congress to be able to watch it at local corps, in soldiers’/officers’ homes or wherever it might be convenient to bring together Salvationists and friends of the Army to enjoy this historic event. Every general session will be archived so that, even if the timing of the event is not convenient, you will still be able to watch it.

5. The Whole World Praying:

Keep aware of where the Wave of Prayer is around the world by visiting http://sar.my/boundlessprayer and keep praying!

6. Mind the Gap:

Please help us reach our goal, support the internationalism of The Army, and encourage fellow Salvationists from the developing world!

7. Mascots

Please let us know if you have any corps or commands that would be willing to bring your Salvation Army mascot to the Congress in order to help spread some joy!

8. Congress Bunting

Please make sure the fabric you use for this project is fire retardant.

9. Social Media:

If you haven't yet ‘liked’ us on Facebook or ‘followed’ us on Twitter, please do so. We would encourage everyone who has registered for the Congress to keep up with the latest developments of the Congress. Here are the links:




1-5 July 2015

O2 Arena, London England
(in London’s East End)

The Whole World Redeeming

Theme Verse:

'Preach to the nations the boundless riches of Christ.'
Ephesians 3:8

IHQ International Congress 2015 website 

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