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Your Covenant

Officer with country familyAt the heart of what it means to be an officer in The Salvation Army is the Officer’s Covenant.

Two people may be doing identical work for The Salvation Army — one is an employee and the other is an officer.

The difference between them is that for one, the heart of the relationship is a contract … for the other, it is a covenant. Officers are not employees of The Salvation Army, but rather in a covenant relationship with God.

Officership is 24 hours a day, 7 days each week, 365 days a year. It’s your life for God. It’s whatever it takes, whenever that may be, wherever it needs to happen to save the world.

This doesn’t mean that The Salvation Army is in the business of hammering square pegs into round holes, or that an individual’s gifts and talents and personality can be ignored. It’s availability, according to who you are — who God has made you.

It’s availability according to the passion, gifting and calling God has placed upon an individual. But as an officer, it means availability within the movement, for the movement. It’s handing your life over to men and women of God, searching together for God’s direction and purpose, and following that lead.

This is your commission as a leader.