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Working to inspire the reformation of society through
an understanding and application of social justice issues



29 Jan 2018

A stranger sat at my dining table

In order for justice to move beyond an Australia One buzz word within the organisation, we must start engaging in the messy parts of our neighbourhood... Continue Reading

Human Trafficking

25 Aug 2017

Annual Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking

It may surprise you to learn that human trafficking and slavery happens in Australia. This resource kit raises particular awareness about human traffi... Continue Reading

Environmental Sustainability

14 Apr 2016

Environmental Justice

As followers of Christ, as Salvationists, one of our basic aims is to partner with God in the process of restoration and healing. This includes extend... Continue Reading

Refugees & Asylum Seekers

19 Jun 2017

God of Hope

There’s nothing funny about women and children and families and entire communities being forced to seek asylum in foreign lands. There’s nothing funny... Continue Reading


09 May 2017

Crossing Boundaries Bus Adventure

The Salvation Army National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group are arranging a cultural awareness bus trip. Lead by Uncle Vince, th... Continue Reading

Ethical Consumption

Women & Children

23 Nov 2017

Jesus freed me from toxic masculinity

I had a strong faith, which meant a great deal to me. I had strong female role models in my life, whom I admired and respected. I thought deeply about... Continue Reading


12 Sep 2017

Anti-Poverty Week 2017

This anti-poverty week, we are encouraging our faith communities to devote a church service, bible study, or time of fellowship to raising awareness o... Continue Reading

Other Issues We Care About

15 Dec 2017

A multicultural Christmas

As we decorate our Christmas tree (German tradition), send our Christmas cards (first commercially produced in England) and look adoring at the nativi... Continue Reading


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