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Coffin beds

Why we help others

When The Salvation Army’s earliest activities commenced in the United Kingdom, the people Australians have come to know as ‘the Salvos’ were demonstrating their love of God by feeding and clothing hungry children, addressing inequities and helping abused women exit the sex industry. The pioneer Salvos were out and about, busily housing homeless people or sheltering families from abusive fathers.

Why? Because they believed that people matter. Practical, dignified support makes a difference. Lives enhanced are lives to be cherished.

They assisted, accommodated and employed the unemployed and the ‘undeserving poor’; those whom society had deemed unemployable. They cared for everyone left out of an industrialised future.

Today, The Salvation Army continues to provide support and comfort to anyone in need.

We know the work of The Salvation Army makes a difference when we see hopes realised, people empowered, and communities sticking up for those doing it the hardest.

Across Australia, during the 2016-17 financial year, 200,000 people were assisted by Salvation Army services, with 486,000 occasions of emergency relief assistance. Some 26,500 people were helped by Salvation Army homelessness and housing services, and 19,700 people were assisted by the Salvos’ drug and alcohol treatment services.* 

People matter. Practical, dignified support makes a difference. Netty HortonLives enhanced are lives to be cherished. Those words remain true and relevant. They are backed up by The Salvation Army’s actions.

Territorial social programme director Netty Horton

* From The Salvation Army’s Policy Statements 2017-2018;

click here for the statements



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