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Red Shield Appeal Collecting

Appealing for your help to help others

Since 1965, The Salvation Army has been conducting the Red Shield Appeal in Australia, with the first national appeal being held in 1970. The people who knock on your door or rattle a tin at your local shopping centre in 2017 do so for the same reason as those pioneers back in 1965 – to help fund the Salvos’ holistic mission to help people practically, materially, spiritually and emotionally.

Donations go towards funding The Salvation Army’s Emergency Relief (food parcels and food vouchers) , assistance in times of disasters, homeless shelters, youth drop-in centres and education/training programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family tracing (missing persons) services, financial and telephone crisis counselling, aged care, employment services, training programs, and chaplaincy to isolated rural communities, to emergency services personnel and within our courts and prisons systems.

Approximately 85.5 cents in every dollar donated to The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal goes directly to those in need, which is one of the most efficient administration rates of any charity in Australia.

The goal this year is to raise $8 million nationally, through the doorknock appeal, as part of the overall national Red Shield appeal target of $73 million.

elli mcgavin photoThis year’s doorknock campaign will occur on Saturday,Sunday, 27,28 May. I urge you to lend your support (and donations) to the 2017 Red Shield Appeal.

May God keep you safe in his gentle peace. Territorial social policy and programme development manager Elli McGavin
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