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Shielding Australians

The Salvation Army Red Shield

The Salvation Army in Australia has a long and proud history of helping people in need.

For 137 years ‘the Salvos’ have been there when they have been needed; after fires, floods, through wars, depressions and recessions, in times of unemployment, misery, bereavement and trial. The work that is done for members of the general public is also significantly funded by the public, through the annual national Red Shield Appeal.   

In your suburb, down the road, in the next township, there are parents and children who have fled from their homes because of Family and Domestic Violence. There are children receiving foster care and an education. There are people battling addictions to drugs; families and individual receiving a bed for the night and a hot meal, getting financial counselling or help to keep the electricity and phone on…

Across Australia, these and many other instances of help given by The Salvation Army are made possible by the good will and generosity of Australians. Next month, as the Salvos once again ask for your help, please consider joining the cause by helping as a volunteer collector or by donating online. Your time and your money can make lives better for children and adults.
Volunteer in The Red Shield Appeal
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