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TSA to Senate: No

4 August 2017

money flying away

The Salvation Army has commented on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Ending Carbon Tax Compensation) Bill 2017, opposing the measure to remove the payments to income support recipients. ‘Low income earners and income support recipients are particularly susceptible to cost pressures that relate to housing , fuel and utility prices; all of which have risen substantially in recent years,’ The Salvation Army said.

‘Covering the cost of additional essential items or managing an unexpected bill can send some individuals into long term financial hardship and debt.’

Salvation Army clients facing cost of living pressures have to make ‘difficult choices, deciding between buying food, paying for a school excursion, paying the rent or a utility bill’.

The Salvation Army calls upon the Australian Government to support highly disadvantaged Australians living on inadequate income support payments ‘by increasing the minimum payments by at least $50 per week, [which] will go some way to increasing their capacity to meet the daily cost of living. As the removal of the Energy Supplement essentially represents a cut to the nominal and real value of income support payments, The Salvation Army calls on the Australian Government to reconsider this bill.’

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