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Weekly Devotional Thought

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Family Traditions

October Week 3


I have been thinking, recently about family traditions and their origins.  I have a particular tradition thattradition I think I started, but I'm not entirely sure how it has morphed into what it is today.  Every Saturday morning I cook a full breakfast for the family.  We have bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans … the works.  I don't recall deciding one day that this was what I was intending to do, but I kind of remember how it started.

About 6 years ago, as my older 2 children would only be with us every 2nd weekend I remember thinking I should do something special for the weekends we were all together and so every Saturday morning I would cook breakfast.  It started out as being bacon and eggs on toast, or pancakes, or French toast, or some other recipe I discovered or had suggested to me.  So one week we would have a special Saturday breakfast, and the other, when there was only 3 of us at home, we would have our regular cereal etc.

After a couple of years of this practice I asked my youngest cherub what he would like for breakfast on a non-access Saturday and he looked at me puzzled.  He said, "It's Saturday, mum.  We have special breakfast on a Saturday."  And so special breakfast every Saturday morning was born.  I'm still mystified as to how all the extras made it on to the plate each week.  When I asked this question of my family recently they interpreted it as a forum to make suggestions about what else I could add to our cooked breakfast menu such as spinach, tomato and sausages!

If you had suggested I cook a full breakfast for up to 5 people when this tradition began I would have been overwhelmed and probably ended up with more culinary disasters than successes.  What I believe happened is that the extent of the menu grew as my experience increased, which built my confidence and allowed me to try adding something extra. 

This is true in so much of life.  When faced with the initial challenge you can easily feel overwhelmed at the prospect but if you ease yourself into the process it won't take long before you will be able to do what you were first fearful of. 

So what is the lesson to learn from this reflection?  You might be facing something that feels too big to tackle, but instead of feeling overwhelmed and unwilling to try it, do something towards it and wait for the confidence to grow.  Who knows, before too long you might be able to do what you were first apprehensive about, and more!  As for me, we might try adding some spinach to our Saturday breakfast this week!


Major Belinda Davis

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