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Pokemon Go!

July Week 4

Have you been part of the phenomenon that has seemingly taken over the world in the last few PokemonGoweeks?  In case you have been living under a rock I will endeavour to explain.  A new app has been released called Pokémon Go where the imaginary world of Pokémon has infiltrated the real world in which we exist through the power of smart phones and similar devices.  People who have downloaded this app can walk around their surroundings and uncover various critters that they need to ‘catch’ and train so they can level up. 

While this might sound like an activity for children it would seem that the demographic of the over 35 million users (in less than 3 weeks) is between 18 to 34 years old (90%).  There was a ‘stampede’ of users recently at New York’s Central Park when a rare Pokémon popped up to be captured.  It has been consistently making news reports around the world and I am slightly mystified.

Pokémon was never something that was a big deal in my house.  I am too old to have been caught up with it as a child and my children are too young to have ever been overly engaged with it.  It is obvious to me, however, that those parents and children that were a part of the original video game, cards, tv series and merchandising are the people who are driving the popularity of the latest foray into this franchise.   It does make me smile at the phenomenon that I have been witnessing of things that were popular in my childhood that are re-doing the rounds in current society. 

The explanation for this is quite simple.  Those of my generation are now the people driving the companies that produce these movies or tv series or toys and they are revisiting their own favourable memories of childhood pastimes.  King Solomon wrote about something like this many, many years ago when he said “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes chapter 1, verse 9)

Is there anything wrong with borrowing things gone before?  Of course not - as long as they are things that are not destructive, offensive or spark a renewed popularity of leg warmers and 1980’s hair styles.  I heartily recommend revisiting things that brought delight in your younger years as it can help keep us childlike in spirit.  So if catching Pokémon is your thing – enjoy.  As for me, I might break out some Lego or Play Doh for a while.

Major Belinda Davis

This devotional thought is provided for you by AUS Salvo Women, Mission Resources Department