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Commissioner Tracey Tidd

traceytiddLet me commend you who are involved in women’s ministries for your encouragement and work to support programs that are   effective and at the same time for your initiatives to see where we can connect with women and minister to them and with them.

Our influence upon women not only impacts those women but her whole family and her network of people.

I encourage you to dream and follow Gods lead-and “experiment” with ways to connect with women.

God is bringing people to us and many of them are women/children/families so we need to begin to anticipate how we can partner with what God is already doing in their lives.

Let’s continue to see women inside and outside of the corps as soldiers mobilized to be used by God in transforming lives, caring for people, making disciples and reforming society.

I am excited to see women finding their calling and their ministry through their work, volunteering, and neighborhoods, as missionaries representing Christ and communicating his love through those relationships.

I believe the way forward is using the mission intentions as guidelines, which include current ministries/ programs.

We need to ask the questions?

How effective are our programs-one size does not fit all these days.

So how do we meet the needs using our intentions?

  1.  Are we seeing lives transformed
  2. Are people being cared for
  3. Are disciples being made
  4. Are we reforming society

Women need to be a community, gathered together to live more whole-heartedly, to challenge, love and inspire one another then scattering that back out to the world and being women that love.


 Commissioner Tracey Tidd
 Territorial President of Women's Ministries


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