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Small Group Studies

Easter Bruises

Easter Bruises

A Study on Healing: The first step we can take is to bring our bruises to Christ. He alone has the ultimate power to carry our pain and heal us of our eternal separation from God.

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Adult Discipleship

These studies form a part of our Adult Discipleship material. They are written by our senior adults for seniors adults (50+) but are suitable for use by a much wider age range.

Law & Grace in Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables has recently been made into a movie, starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and others. This story contains a beautiful picture of the difference between law and grace.

Jesus & Justice thumbnail

Jesus and Justice

Jesus and Justice is a new book-length study that has been developed by the International Social Justice Commission.

The book of Revelation thumbnail

The Book of Revelation

Christians tend to be both drawn towards the Book of Revelation and repelled by it. We would all love to know what it is all about and yet the well-nigh impenetrable symbolism and visionary language makes it impenetrable and mystifying.

Letter to the Ephesians thumbnail

The Letter to the Ephesians

The early churches were home based. The first Christians met in homes in small groups. This encouraged informality and ministry to one another. These studies on Ephesians are designed for such a context and for such participation.

Foundations in Prayer thumbnail

Foundations in Prayer

Does Prayer Really Work? This bible study looks at the effectiveness of prayer, perseverance in prayer, the Lord's Prayer, Jesus' Prayer for Believers, Jesus' Gethsemane Prayer and Intercession for Others.

Sharing Your Faith In the Workplace

Sharing Your Faith in the Workplace

For many Christians their primary mission field is their workplace. This three-part small group study looks at ways to join God in his mission to the world, in the workplace.

share my faith succinctly thumbnail

How do I share my faith in a succinct way?

Just mentioning the topic of sharing your faith has some running for cover and others running for their Bibles.