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International Volunteer Day focuses on the values of volunteerism through the appreciation of local volunteers, including the marginalised groups and women, who make up nearly 60 per cent of volunteers worldwide, and their impact on building #ResilientCommunities. For more information: https://www.unv.org/internationalvolunteerday2018 

‘Today, in 131 countries those suffering are being supported, schools are being opened, meals are being served to the hungry and mobile clinics are being rolled into communities in need…. all of this is thanks to you, our Army of Volunteers!’   - General Brian Peddle

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Christmas Resources Online 

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These pages are designed to provide you with access to what you need to know when engaging a range of different categories of volunteers across all areas of TSA. Volunteers make up the biggest portion of our workforce and the Volunteer Resources team are keen to support you in knowing how best to support your greatest resource – you and your people.

For all your templates, forms and materials please first click on your volunteer category.