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Kidzone Curriculum

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Primary school aged children are in a constant state of discovery as they explore and engage with their world. They try out many new experiences and learn something every day. What a wonderful time for us to maximise a child’s natural sense of discovery when it comes to God and faith development. Another new thing for them to explore is who God is, how He sees them and how much He loves them....Read more

Before you start

  1. Read the introduction material.
  2. Choose the appropriate activities for your children's age range that are going to work best for the group.
  3. Give each leader a copy of the Kidzone magazine and weekly curriculum sheet.

Downloadable Kidzone Weekly Curriculum

Scope for Change - leader's guide

This week Kidzone is featuring a science edition through 'Scope for Change' and exploring caring for God's environment. Genesis 1, Psalm 111:2 and Proverbs 18:15 (ICB)

10 August, 2019 | Children's Ministry - Mission Dept. | 872 kb.

Book Week 2019 -leader's guide

This week we are featuring Book Week 2019 and exploring the greatest book ever - The Bible. Psalm 119:105 and 2 Timothy 3:16 PLEASE NOTE: If any of the kids in your group do not have a Bible, ensure that they get one asap. Members of the congregation may wish to sponsor a Bible for a child. Ensure it is a child friendly Bible that will appeal to the child.

17 August, 2019 | Children's Ministry - Mission Dept. | 872 kb.

The Angry Birds 2 Movie - leader's guide

This week Kidzone is featuring The Angry Birds 2 Movie and exploring ‘loving our Frenemies’. 2 Kings 6:8-23, Luke 6:27-36, Matthew 5:44, Psalm 118:6 and Matthew 7:12

24 August, 2019 | Children's Ministry - Mission Dept. | 952 kb.

Abominable - leader's guide

This week we are featuring 'Father's Day' through the new movie 'Abominable'. Psalm 103:13 and 1 John 3:1a

31 August, 2019 | Children's Ministry - Mission Dept. | 1 mb.

Kidzone Cover - Scope for Change

Kidzone Cover - Book Week 2019

Kidzone Cover - The Angry Birds 2 Movie

Kidzone Cover - Abominable Movie

Kidzone Curriculum Book

Trash and Treasure

These are four units from the Kidzone Curriculum Book called 'Trash and Treasure' that is useful to use during any school holiday period. You will find 4 weeks of activities that explore:

Kidzone Curriculum front cover of book image  Week 1: What does treasure look like?
  Week 2  Looking for treasure in all the wrong places!                        
  Week 3: Who are the people you treasure?
  Week 4: Treasure in unexpected places!

  If you would like to purchase the remainder of the book please contact the Salvation Army Supplies. The cost is $14.95.
Kidzone - Trash and Treasure pdf

Kidzone Welcome zone logo

The ‘Welcome Zone’ is the section where you consider how you will go about creating a welcoming space for the children to be introduced to the theme as they enter the building.

Grub zone - chef with knife and fork

At some point during your program you may have an element of eating, this is called the 'Grub Zone'. Depending on when you hold your program, e.g. morning or afternoon or evening, this will impact what sort of food/meal/snack you will cook, provide or share together.

Fun zone - Scientist with bear

The 'Fun Zone' is the area where the children will participate in activities based on the theme or participate in a range of theme based games. Provided in the curriculum is a choice of activities for you to choose from.

God zone - boy with bible

The 'God Zone' is the part of the program where you will help the children to engage and explore the topic and theme of the week. 'God Zone' is a whole group exploration of the topic that will then be followed with the 'Zone In' section.

Zone In - Cousin Koala

'Zone In' is the part of the session where small groups go deeper into the theme that has been explored during 'God Zone'.

Beyond the zone - girl on skateboard

'Beyond the Zone' is a great opportunity to help equip families to continue the conversation at home. This section will provide a 'take home' for each family/household for the week.