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Territorial Social Programme Department (TSPD)

The Territorial Social Programme Department exists to resource the Territory and Divisions, with the overarching goal of ensuring that social programmes and initiatives facilitate the achievement of the Southern Territory Mission Imperatives of:

  • Transforming Lives;
  • Caring for People;
  • Making Disciples; and
  • Reforming Society.

The Territorial Social Programme Department has a pivotal role in developing strategic direction, providing leadership and resourcing and supporting Divisions, Social Programmes and Corps, to ensure that Territorial and Divisional leadership is kept informed of:

  • Emerging social issues;
  • The organisation’s policy position in respect to specific issues;
  • Developments relating to service delivery; and
  • Funding opportunities which will enable the development of services that respond to specific needs.

Additionally, the Territorial Social Programme Department exists to:

  • Print Supplement - "Others"- Others is a quarterly supplement inserted into "On Fire" the Australian Southern Territory's magazine.
  • Undertake research and social policy development, using the wisdom and experience of staff, clients and other stakeholders;
  • Identify and promote innovative practice within the organisation;
  • Develop mechanisms to integrate client feedback into Salvation Army operations;
  • Provide advice to Salvation Army leadership to support the strategic management of the organisation’s social programme response;
  • Support Divisions in the management and delivery of social programmes;
  • Progress social programme proposals and requisitions through a range of Territorial Councils;
  • Collaborate with other Territorial Headquarters’ Departments to support the delivery of effective mission throughout the organisation;
  • Support the development of integrated and holistic approaches to service delivery;
  • Contribute to social policy debate at a national level;
  • Foster and manage relationships with Government and other external stakeholders; and
  • Develop and evaluate new programmes and options for service delivery
Strategic Plan
Just Salvos - Territorial Social Justice Department

The Territorial Social Justice Department (Just Salvos) is part of the Territorial Social Programme Department and seeks to shed light on injustice that darkens the lives of those both in Australia and throughout the world. The Territorial Social Justice Department believes that education will bring about the good will and advocacy required to permanently improve individual lives and change oppressive systems.

Just Salvos exists to facilitate transformation through the provision of

  • Social networking tools such as:
  • Just Salvos Live - a weekly webcast highlighting a particular justice issue by way of an interview with an expert or practitioner;
  • Facebook page – providing discussion on the issue of the week (as presented on Just Salvos Live) or generating discussion on current events or issues in the media;
  • Blog – engaging in deeper think pieces generated by the issues explored on Just Salvos Live and other relevant media stories or current events;
  • Education through the provision of resource packs designed for use in both corps and social programmes and regular speaking engagements and expos both internally and externally. These resource packs will provide education on various social issues, along with simple activities that individuals or groups can engage in to make a positive impact on an area of social injustice;
  • Campaigns that activate immediate response to specific justice issues such as 'human trafficking', 'Just Gifts' and 'fair trade';
  • Prayer resources and updates; and
  • Annual incarnational living conference (Surrender) and quarterly discussion nights (truth labs) that encourage Christians to commit to radical discipleship with the poor and marginalised.