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Minister launches groundbreaking family violence research

Alice Coakes, Lisa Harris, Natalie Hutchins, Jason Davies-KildeaMinister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Natalie Hutchins, today launched new research that shows real change can be made in this challenging area. The Alexis Family Violence Response Model (Alexis) proves the success of coordinated and targeted approaches to reduce family violence. Researchers from RMIT, who examined the model and its outcomes over two years, have concluded that Alexis has delivered outstanding results.

Alexis was first piloted in 2014. Its aim was to reduce police callouts to “priority families”, households that police identify as highly likely to see further violent incidents. The model developed a new way of working with vulnerable families to reduce violence in the home. Its twin strategies are coordinating social supports and holding perpetrators of violence to account. The research released today shows that Alexis exceeded all expectations, delivering an 85 per cent reduction in repeat police attendances to these households.
A key difference with Alexis is that Salvation Army social workers, who are family violence specialists, were embedded in police unitsThis improved the coordination of social service support for families and strengthened the justice responseThree distinct cohorts have been identified in the target group and differentiated interventions are used to reduce violence in each cohortA case management coordination team supports the frontline police and social work response, ensuring a high level of accountability from all services.
Alexis shows the value of a diverse range of responses to victim survivors of family violence beyond a model that assumes people will separate in crisis or seek support post separationAlexis works with the whole family – supporting victim survivors to safety and wellbeing and holding perpetrators to account for their violence while supporting them to change.
The full research report on Alexis is now available to download.