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Victorian Parliament should pass rental legislation before November election

The Salvation Army applauds the Victorian Government for introducing the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018. This bill has been a long time coming after significant consultation and advocacy with a range of other stakeholders, including The Salvation Army.

The Bill addresses many of our key concerns including:

  • Minimum health, safety and efficiency standards for rental properties,

  • Implementing recommendations from the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence,

  • Abolishing ‘no reason’ notices to vacate from landlords,

  • Limiting end of fixed-term lease evictions,

  • The right for renters to make fair modifications,

  • The right for renters to have pets,

  • Capping bond payments for a large number of rental properties,

  • Introducing a landlord blacklist,

  • Ensuring existing safeguards against unfair eviction for vulnerable renters are maintained, and

  • Strengthening privacy protections for renters.

The Salvation Army works with thousands of Victorians every year that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. For people on low incomes, who are barely making ends meet, being evicted and needing to find a new affordable rental property can increase their risk of falling into homelessness.

Often vulnerable renters end up in poorly maintained properties that may not have heating or cooling, be properly insulated or have mould which increases their chances of developing health problems. Research and housing trends show that an increasing proportion of Victorians are staying in rental properties for longer because they cannot afford to buy a house. Some Victorians will rent for their entire lives.

We believe this Bill will be a huge step in protecting renters in Victoria and balancing the power between renters and landlords. We now call on all Members of the Victorian Parliament to turn this legislation into law before the November state election.