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Childrens First Conference 2016

2016 Children's First Conference Save the date

If you are involved in a Salvation Army Kid's Church, Junior Soldiers, SAGALA or any other primary school aged ministry then this conference is for you.

Please chat to your Divisional Youth and Children's Secretary for more information.

Registration form here. Return to your Divisional Office from August 15.

Weekend Program

  • Interactive teaching
  • Electives and Workshops
  • Story 'Marketplace'
  • Worship and Reflection
  • Networking and Food!
  • Special space for SAGALA leaders

Beth Barnett Special Guest Speaker

Beth Barnett image

Beth Barnett has worked in Children and Families ministry in various contexts for the past 2 decades in staff and volunteer roles with Scripture Union, Baptist, Anglican and Uniting Churches, on local and state denominational levels, written for World Vision, Tear, Messy Church (UK) and has published several books through SU Victoria, including resources for all age mission, family faith and multi age worship.

Coming from a background in the performing arts and education, Beth is a passionate advocate of multi-sensory community gatherings which welcome the presence and word of God in vibrant, accessible and transformative ways for all ages. Beth currently has a role with the multi-denominational Victorian Council for Christian Education running communities of practice for people in all areas of children and families ministry, and is working on a PhD thesis in the writings of Paul considering the image of the child and the idea of Spiritual Maturity.

Elective Information

 Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in 2 electives.


Ages & Stages

What’s happening at each phase of a kid’s physical, emotional and spiritual development? Come and explore the varied phases and challenges and what parents and leaders can do to understand what makes tick.


Junior Soldiers

Why is Junior Soldiers still the most effective discipleship tool in the Salvos? How can you get the most out of it as a leader? Come and hear how Junior Soldiers is engaging all sorts of kids across Australia.


Self-Care for leaders

Work-life balance, managing the calendar, saying no, saying yes - all these things are vital to be a great leader, whatever your ministry role. In this workshop you will explore better ways of looking after yourself daily.


Transitions to Youth Ministry

Eventually the kids in your ministry will grow up! Is your ministry equipped for the challenges of the teenage years and the local youth community? Join this vital conversation about tweens and all things youth.


Kids and the Media

Should my 7 year old watch the news? How do I respond to a 9 year old on Instagram? How much media exposure is too much and what can I do as a parent, teacher or local leader? Where can I step into the conversation with kids and bring Godly influence.


Inclusive Ministry

From spectrum disorders to undiagnosed conduct issues, not all of us are skilled to deal with challenging behaviours in our ministries. What are the basic tools to equip us and open our thinking to new ways of including all children in our weekly spaces.