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SP3 by ChildSafe

Safe People, Safe programs, Safe places

Providing safe people, programs and places is the highest priority of The Salvation Army's work with children and vulnerable people and, subsequently, has processes in place to keep people safe as they work in programs with young and vulnerable people.

The Salvation Army requires anyone involved in any ministry with children or vulnerable people to be appointed to their position in accordance with the process outlined in SP3:

  • Complete an integrity check and adhere to a state-based working with children check
  • Complete the "Appplication for Ministry Form" including, backing from 2 referees
  • Complete the SP3 Team Members training session conducted at your Corps or Division

If you are unsure of this process or have further questions about compliance and training, please contact your divisional children’s ministry representative.

Child Safe

SP3 is for everyone who engages in ministry with children, youth and families through The Salvation Army. It outlines a standard of safety and care that everyone involved agrees to uphold. The major focus of SP3 is keeping children, young people and families who participate in our programs safe from harm, as well as considering your safety and those within your ministry team. This is done through training, looking at the process of engaging ‘safe people’ and the environment and activities that are part of ‘safe programs’ and 'safe places'.

SP3 is the benchmark for safety and care in The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory and provides training material, resources and structure to help provide safe people and safe programs. There are 4 levels of responsibility outlined below to help show where you might fit into the structure.

  • Level 1 – Team Member (helper/part of a ministry team)
  • Level 2 – Team Leader (leader of an area of ministry/program)
  • Level 3 – Coordinator (corps officer)
  • Level 4 – Risk Management Officer (divisional youth/children's ministry team)

Safety Management Online (SMO) is a helpful tool to use as part of the ChildSafe process. It helps you to keep records of your team, their level of training and records of the above requirements that need to be completed in order to work with children. If you have any questions regarding SMO please contact vanessa.orchard@aus.salvationarmy.org

If you require more information about ChildSafe training—when, where or how—please contact your divisional children’s ministry representative.