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Primary School Aged Programs

Kids Church

Kids Church in The Salvation Army might look slightly different from church to church but should have the same key focus of providing a fun safe space for children to explore and engage with the message of God’s love for them.

The way that we teach, connect and challenge children to think about faith topics needs to be continually reviewed. Are we up to date with how children learn? Do we know what children of primary school age are doing, like or don’t like? What are the current trends they might be in to? How can we connect in relevant ways? Most importantly, what are their needs?

Kids Church programs need to revisit these questions regularly and work at providing a space, a program and leaders that will help children not only learn but also have experiences that will help to expand their understanding of God and their own spiritual journey.

A challenge: one size fits all?

I have always liked to use interactive and tactile activities when I teach, and have been challenged by Ivy Beckwith’s Formational Children’s Ministry about how to ‘teach’ or ‘unlock’ the Kingdom of God with children.

We know that the Bible is a living document and stories or passages will speak to us in a different way at specific times, however, do we acknowledge this when teaching our children? Do we teach in a way that is merely to impress our religious knowledge on kids (in a ‘this is what it says’ or ‘this is what it means’ way) or do we help them to unlock and explore for themselves what God is showing them in a story/passage and engage with them on the journey?

The phrase ‘I wonder…’ is a wonderful statement and tool to use when exploring God’s word or faith topics. ‘I wonder what God was saying to you in this story.’ ‘I wonder how you feel about that.’ ‘I wonder why that happened.’ And the list goes on.

Using ‘I wonder…’ statements is a great way to engage a child’s imagination and allow them to feel they are doing the learning rather than just being presented one way of understanding something.

Ideas and Resources

New ideas and great resources are something that all of us involved in children's ministry are constantly looking for. In this section we will aim to include some new ideas (or old ideas with a facelift) and links to some great resources that will help with your Kids Church.

max7 is a great website with an amazing lot of resources that you can access for free. The resources include videos, songs, lessons, powerpoints, heaps of great ideas and much more. Website: http://www.max7.org/

252 Basics: The reThink Group - 252 Basics is an easy-to-use curriculum designed to put you mind at ease and your heart into overdrive. It centers on 3 Basic Truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52: I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
Wewbsite: http://whatisorange.org/252basics/