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"The Salvation Army Fellowship Corps aims to provide a sense of belonging and connection for people who are unable to attend a corps or church because of distance or other circumstances.You don't need to be a member of The Salvation Army to join! All are welcome!"


The Fellowship Corps has sometimes been described as a new expression of ministry when first encountered. However, the history of the Fellowship Corps reaches back to 1910 when Commissioner James Hay initiated the Outback Club.

This club was formed to provide an ongoing connection to The Salvation Army for Salvationists no longer attending a corps because they had relocated. Originally it operated out of the then National Headquarters. Advertisements were regularly placed in The War Cry to encourage Soldiers “in need of spiritual help, comfort or guidance to please contact the Commissioner's office”.

This service was later replaced in 1964 by the ‘Fellowship Corps’ that was introduced by Commissioner Bram Cook in the Australia Eastern Territory. In 1981 the name was again changed, this time to ‘The Extended Corps Fellowship’, and it continued to operate from the Eastern Territory.

In April 1992, the Fellowship Corps commenced in the Australia Southern Territory with less than ten people on the roll. Today, there are more than 200 registered members scattered across Australia and beyond.


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We publish a devotional magazine called the Communiqué. Please enquire if you would like to receive this.

May-June 2015 Communiqué

Join the Fellowship!

To join the Fellowship Corps, request a subscription to Communiqué, or receive any further information, please call:

Major Graham Roberts
Territorial Mission Resources Secretary & Territorial Growing Healthy Corps Director

The Salvation Army
Territorial Mission Resources Department
PO Box 479
Blackburn VIC 3130

PH: (03) 8878 4742