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The Growing Healthy Corps Network had its origins in 2004 with a conference in Geelong. Dr Paul Borden was invited to share his teaching and strategy that turned around the American Baptist Church of the West. Further conferences followed and in 2006, a pilot program was started with 27 corps. Corps officers met in clusters, attended conferences and were supported by the GHCN Director, Major Kelvin Merrett. 

At the end of 2010, 21 of the original 27 corps remained in the network, and 16 of those 21 were growing. Over that period there had been net growth of 24% in all the corps, and 48% in the 21 corps that remained in the pilot.

The move at the end of 2011 from pilot to process brought changes with the number of corps with officers involved in clusters expanding to 100, and 160 plus officers.  Also, the leadership of the network was returned to the Territorial Mission Resources Department under the direction of the Territorial Mission Resources Secretary/Territorial GHC Director.  

As at the end of 2014, 34 consultations have been conducted and 21 clusters are operating.  Just on 60% of the corps officers and corps within the Territory are participating in the GHC process and enjoying the benefits of it.