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2013: Living God's story, your story and the communities story to the fullest

Feedback from the 2013 conference

Growing Healthy Corps Conference Group 2013

Is there anything you will now be doing differently?

“I see myself differently as a leader which will change many things about how I relate to others, my ministry and myself.”

 Other comments:

“I love the opportunity to network and learn from others in similar circumstances.”

“It was great that these guys are just ordinary, everyday, regular people with ordinary, everyday churches of ordinary everyday people – very relatable.”

“Thank you for investing in us!”

“It has helped us refocus and realise we need to change the way we do some things.” 

“For me, it will be about lifting the level of intentionality up a notch, setting clearer objectives for each area of ministry, helping each area understand better the role they are playing to help contribute to the overall corps goal of winning souls and discipleship.” 

Growing Healthy Corps Conference 2013

Conference Overview

Every ministry is a combination of God's continuing story revealed in Scripture, our personal story of how God created us and what He has called us to do, and God's unique story at work in our community - the community of faith and the community at large. Over two and a half days, we will create a personal, actionable plan to help us more fully live out these stories. This is not another conference to sit, soak and then forget - going back to do what we have always done in the ways we have always done them. This is a workshop created to deepen our understanding, stimulate our creativity and equip us with a clear, personal action plan for moving forward.

Other Audio Files for Download

Excerpts by Rev Dr Paul Borden from 2005 Conference - "Reversing the Decline"

Taking responsibility mp3

Vision - Mission mp3

Legos mp3

Leadership development mp3