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2015: No more happy talk, but wise conversations

Conference Overview

Growing Healthy Corps Conference 2015

Leading congregations through systemic transformation is the most difficult task in ministry today in nations that possess a strong heritage to the Protestant Reformation.  The task for those who lead congregations, or those who work with such leaders in denominational settings, is becoming more difficult.  The purpose of the conference is to help leaders understand why such is true.  It will also cover what it takes to coach, mentor and consult with pastors and congregations effectively.  Leading systemic change is not for the faint of heart.  It is a complex and multifaceted endeavour.  But when God blesses the work, it produces great fruit, joy and satisfaction.

Paul Borden speaking at the conference

Feedback Delegates 2015 Conference

"The conference helped me to refocus on the essentials of my role as a CO.  It has reignited my passion and determination to do it."

"The church is mission, not about mission.  The church has one purpose – to make disciples."

"My focus was again sharpened – make disciples / develop leaders."

time to get together at the conference