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2016: Oikos Conference | energizing your corps for mission

Growing Healthy Corps Conference 2016

About Tom Mercer

Tom Mercer, senior pastor at the High Desert Church in Victorville, Southern California, has learned the power of the oikos phenomenon, and for the past 32 years has led a church from 150 to over 12,000 regular participants. Oikos is not an event or program, it is a perspective, a different way to look at life - and it is revolutionising the way many people see their church! Church leaders have been impressed with the simplicity of this strategy to impact the world with the message of Jesus Christ. 


Tom Mercer at 2016 conference


quoteThe conference was excellent! The material was excellent and it has greatly assisted us in pursuing a way forward, in keeping with where we feel God is leading us.quote close
quoteWhat a blessing to sit and listen to Tom's teaching, and the passion and humility he presented it with. So many comments and things that resonated for placing attention back on what is the most important thing... quote close