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“… please pass on our deep gratitude to the team for their gift of time,
heart and insights given into the consultation.  There is a genuine excitement
about the future here and the consultation has not only fuelled that,
but given clarity and focus to the priorities that will maximise our opportunities and growth.”

Consultation Flowchart

Consultation Flowchart


 Consultations provide opportunity for trained consultants to examine the health and life of a corps and to provide a pathway (in the form of prescriptions) for the corps to consider for its future.  Salvation Army officers have been trained to lead and conduct consultations at the invitation of the corps.

During a consultation, corps leaders and representatives become intentionally involved and have meaningful input in helping the corps review its mission impact in the community.  Corps consultations provide an opportunity for systemic change to a corps that promotes health and offers pathways to facilitate growth. 

42 consultations have taken place across the territory with 26 occurring in the last five years. We are extremely grateful to the 27 officers who have participated in various consultation teams giving of their time and talent to invest in the lives of those in the wider Salvation Army.

“The GHC consultation was pivotal in assisting our corps to identify blockages to health and growth, and provided us some challenging but effective prescriptions to move forward.  There is a huge benefit in having the input and experience of a team from outside the corps.”

“…the consultation was very helpful.  It enabled us to make some changes a lot quicker than would have been possible otherwise… Consultations need to happen on a four to five year basis to really have an ongoing and lasting effect…”

Consultation Flowchart