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How do I contact the GHC Office?

Contact the Growing Healthy Corps Office by phone on (03) 8878 4757 or email ghc@aus.salvationarmy.org. Please leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

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What is different about GHCN 2.0?

The GHCN framework involves a number of key elements.  GHCN 2.0 seeks to ensure that officers and corps leadership are aware of, and embrace, those key elements.  To achieve this, different tiers have been introduced offering various involvement options for corps officers and corps leadership.  These tiers are:

  • Full Engagement
  • Invitation
  • Information and Training

Different tiers have different expectations and benefits for those involved.

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Why are corps leadership being asked to sign the Letter of Understanding?

We achieve greater accountability within GHC by having corps officers and corps leadership teams aware of the expectations and commitments. 

All corps leadership teams should have the opportunity to consider the GHCN 2.0 brochure and Letter of Understanding.

Divisional and territorial leadership may invite officers to join the GHCN.

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I don't have a leadership team in place. Can I still join GHCN?

Yes – contact your DMRS about what this would involve for you.

Where there is no leadership team, or the leadership team does not endorse all aspects of the GHCN, the corps officers may be invited by divisional leadership to be involved in GHCN. 

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My leadership team are not willing to commit to a consultation, but I need the input of GHCN. Can I still participate?

Yes – you may be able to participate at Invitation level (Tier Two).  This level does not require your leadership team’s support, but does mean they have considered the GHCN 2.0 brochure and Letter of Understanding. 

To be involved, you need to approach your Divisional Mission Resource Secretary advising that you wish to still participate in the GHCN.  As with any involvement in GHC, endorsement is required by divisional and territorial leadership.

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The corps recently held a consultation. Will we be required to hold another consultation within 3 years?

A consultation would not normally be expected until at least three to five years after the first consultation.  The conducting of any consultation will be in discussion with the Divisional Mission Resources Secretary and the Growing Healthy Corps Network Director. Where corps officers have been involved in the GHCN for a significant period of time and the corps is of sufficient critical mass, a GHC consultation should be expected.  The limitation on consultations will be around the availability of consultants and finding suitable dates.

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Who determines the makeup of the clusters?

The Divisional Mission Resource Secretary in consultation with the Divisional Commander and the GHCN forms the clusters in each division.

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Do the clusters need to be made up of people in the same tier?

No – clusters would be made up of people from both Full Engagement and Invitation involvement levels.

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Can associate officers be in the same clusters as the corps officers?

This needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis.  It works well in some circumstances and not in others.

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Can employed lay associates join a cluster?

Lay associates are welcome to be involved in the GHCN clusters.  This is a decision for the corps officers, cluster members and divisional leadership.

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Do I have to attend every cluster meeting?

Attending every cluster meeting is the aim, but, practically, there will be times when meetings may have to be missed.

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What is the best way to pass on GHC learning to my leadership team?

The best way to pass on learning may be done during your Corps Leadership Team meetings or corps planning and training events, or via your corps bulletin / newsletter.

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What happens if I do not have a coach?

It is a requirement of GHCN participation that officers have a coaching arrangement in place. Having a coach does not necessarily mean financial costs are involved.

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Can a married couple share a coach?

Where the focus of coaching is on corps strategies and growth, this could be appropriate.  If the coaching is to develop the ministry potential of each individual, there will be situations when it is not helpful.  A highly skilled and experienced coach would be required to assist with corps, couple and personal factors.

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What is expected of a coach?

The corps officer is to meet regularly with their coach whose role is to help them achieve ministry and personal development goals.  Wise questions and careful input can clarify desired outcomes and steps needed to achieve God-glorifying transformation.

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Who pays for coaching?

The GHCN only pays for coaching when the consultation prescriptions recommend a coach to assist the corps officers in outworking the consultation prescriptions.  Many experienced officers and Christian leaders are willing and able to contribute to the development of others without monetary payment.  Where payment is necessary, the corps pays for coaches.

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Why do I need to record GHC statistics?

Some statistics are required by IHQ and THQ.  Additional GHC statistics provide an indication of other dynamics at corps level.  Each statistic represents the involvement of people. Learning from these statistics will inform actions to foster welcoming environments and encourage development of pathways into the corps.

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What is a Layered Learning event?

Layered Learning events are training sessions organised by a cluster group in conjunction with their DMRS. These sessions address specific areas which will develop the corps lay leadership teams and impact their community of influence. The DMRS works with cluster facilitators to plan and conduct Layered Learning events.

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Does Full Engagement involvement guarantee invitation to the GHC conferences?

Our ideal answer is yes, but this is also a funding issue.  We would desire that all officers involved at Full Engagement would have opportunity to attend GHC conferences annually.

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Can I purchase the e-book for the cluster reading if available?

Yes, complete the Reimbursement Claim Form, sign and scan, emailing the scanned form to GHC.

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Growing Healthy Corps

P: (03) 8878 4757
E: ghc@aus.salvationarmy.org