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'The Only Constant is Change' - December 2018

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‘The only constant is change’ (Heraclitus of Ephesus, philosopher, c 500)

Heraclitus didn’t exactly use those words.  He spoke Greek, but that is what he meant – and he is right. He does not appear to have added that ‘All change comes at a cost.’ Rarely is it possible to do something new without giving up something that has been a regular part of life.

The Growing Healthy Corps Network will not be operating as part of the support provided by The Salvation Army in 2019. However, the impact of the GHCN will continue through those who have been shaped by their learning and experiences of GHC, and those who are continuing to apply the basic teaching in their settings.

Over the last five years, it has been my privilege to be part of the GHC journey. I have learned much, and appreciated the input of so many ‘trainers’ who have come into my life. GHCN facilitators and consultants have brought great insight and wisdom. Conference speakers have challenged my thinking and equipped me with effective tools for ministry, and numerous authors continue to shape my daily life and frame my approach to ministry. One of the real privileges has been to work with officers and teams in corps consultations. This is where the ‘rubber hits the road,’ and we are confronted with the reality of day-to-day ministry leadership in The Salvation Army. It takes courage to open up your ministry and leadership to the intense scrutiny of a consultation team. Thank you for your willingness to trust us in this process.

The principles behind GHCN remain: Healthy churches grow, and healthy leaders develop healthy churches.

The GHCN reading focused on three areas: spiritual life, leadership and corps health.

Spiritual Life: ministering from a good sense of who you are in Christ, responding to God’s call and leading in your life, and being continually transformed through the work of the Spirit
Leadership: learning the skills and what good leaders do, even if leadership is not your gift
Corps Health: understanding what health looks like in a community, and developing ways of working together as a faith community that welcomes people, helps them grow in Christ, and equips them to invite others to share this faith life

As you continue to work to grow healthy corps, I encourage you to ‘turn up full: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,’ and keep learning and growing.

Graham Roberts (Major)
GHC Network Director