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Cultural Awareness

multicultural group of people learning together

Cultural Awareness is often about our attitudes and beliefs. There are many ways that attitudes and beliefs are formed. Training is one way for an organisation to help develop culturally appropriate staff and members.

The Salvation Army Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Ministries is prepared to deliver such training, or to co-facilitate training. Training can be contextualised according to the needs of the corps or centre. In addition the following courses are available;

  • Cross-Cultural Back Pack – these are training resources to understand culture and the way it influences behaviour.

  • CHCCS405A – Work effectively with Culturally Diverse Clients and Co-workers. This course is available for delivery through a registered training organisation. When done in this way a nationally accredited unit can be gained in the community service package.

  • Interactive Ochre – This resource provides the foundation of an Aboriginal perspective on Cultural Awareness Training. It is produced by Federal Department of Education, Science and Training. www.dlsweb.rmit.edu.au/toolbox/ochre/index.htm