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Aboriginal Artwork

Painting, mainly in the traditional style, is an important part of our Aboriginal Programme’s effort to support our local Indigenous artists. The artist can come and paint at our Drop in Centre, or they paint at home. We buy many of these paintings from them.

The purpose of this is to give them a measure of independence. In using their creative talents in this way, they also get satisfaction and higher self esteem.

For some of them, being able to paint at the drop-in centre means that they can work in a safe, unthreatening environment. A cuppa and a sandwich is also available most of the time and there might be a video playing in the background, adding to the good work atmosphere we try to create.

Some of the artists live in town, some out bush. Most of them paint in the traditional style, and they use mainly traditional themes, like gathering bushfood, dreamings, etc.

Meet The Artists

Helen White is a Walpiri from Willowra, and her language is Walpiri. She lives in Alice Springs with her artist husband. Helen paints in the traditional dot style; her main themes are bushtucker dreamings from her family.

June Sultan is from Barrow creek. Her background is both Aboriginal and Afghan. She uses traditional bush tucker themes in her paintings, but in a more modern, decorative style

Nancy Martin is a Walpiri, and she paints in traditional dot style; her main themes are bush tucker dreamings. Nancy lives and works in Alice Springs.
Linda Walker    

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