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Recognition Plaques

One way that Aboriginal people can feel welcome on Salvation Army facilities is for the building to display a recognition plaque in a prominent location. This is even more welcoming if a process of engagement with traditional elders in the area has occurred to define the wording of the plaque. Once that has been obtained through a patient relationship based process, divisional headquarters should be informed. Various corps and centres have used different styles of plaques – some bronze and some Perspex with quality artwork. It is worth consulting with a local quality sign writer to develop a high quality plaque suitable for your building.

The following are a sample of wording that have been used by corps and centres:

  • 1. We The Salvation Army ______________________________ Corps (Centre) acknowledge that we meet on land for which the _________________________________________________ people are the traditional owners and custodians.
    We remember their ancestors with respect and commit ourselves to work for reconciliation and justice for Aboriginal people.

  • 2. The Salvation Army ____________________________ Corps or Centre, acknowledge that the original stewards of this land were the ___________________________ people.

  • 3. The Salvation Army ___________________________ (Corps or Centre) acknowledge that we meet on land for which the _______________________________ people were the original custodians.

  • 4. Long before The Salvation Army (Corps/Centre) purchased and occupied this building, the __________________________ people made their home here and were custodians of the land. We acknowledge their ancestors with respect.

  • 5. The land on which we meet today is the traditional land of the ________________________ people who are the custodians for the land in the ________________________ region. We recognise that other Aboriginal people live in this land. We understand that cultural beliefs are still important to Aboriginal people today. We acknowledge their ancestors with respect.

NB – Most important is the process undertaken to arrive at such a wording. It is important to consult with traditional elders. For example, in one case the town where The Salvation Army Centre was located, was on the border between two tribal land areas. Consultation with elders meant that both groups had to be acknowledged. Consulting with traditional elders is an act of genuine respect and can help develop good relationships.