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Health & Well-Being

The aim of this webpage is to provide you with the resources and encouragement you might need to commence or continue your journey along the road that leads to a feeling of well-being and be a guide for your journey to a balanced lifestyle in ministry.

The site will be edited from time to time and we hope to provide new links to forms and resources, some helpful tips and testimonies of those who are willing to share their journey.

Make the most of this resource and enjoy the journey!

Simple truth

From time to time we encounter a simple truth that connects personally. It may be a well known quote, a political slogan, or a motto. It may come innocently from a child, or as advice given simply by a friend. Occasionally it's a comedian's quick-witted response. The complex is encapsulated in a single phrase as simple truth, revealing the world we experience. It resonates. It's an 'aha' moment. We see the 'light' - a new insight, or a revelation which changes something within.  We may have known it already but suddenly it's clear, and somehow we are wiser for it.

We all know things about our world, about ourselves. This is how we make sense of and understand life. It's important to take the time to reflect on and consider our personal reservoir of wisdom. It's important to understand and appreciate how far we have come.



  • Body:

    It is important to consume equal or less energy than will be expended in any given day. A brisk 20 minute walk each day combined with adequate sleep should help with feeling energised and able to think clearly.

  • Mind:

    Regularly challenging the brain with mentally stimulating activities is associated with better brain function, and reduces the risk of cognitive decline. Learning new things with study, at work, or in a leisure activity invigorates the mind, and contributes to good brain function.

  • Soul:

    Awareness of soul health, and discernment of the hidden work of God within is also important. Make time to stop and listen for the invitation of the Spirit of God.


These links are to supplied to assist you with your health and well-being. You could think of this page as your reference point to connect to these helpful sites.

Smart Eating. Nutrition information, tips and recipes

Diabetes, understanding and information

Healthy Heart

Beyond Blue

We really owe it to ourselves to stop and be more appreciative of the opportunities for insight that life has provided. We need to pause ... and we need to reflect. ~ Chris Skellett


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