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Adventurers and Sunbeams

SAGALA Explorers and Moonbeams

SAGALA Adventurers and Sunbeams

SAGALA Guards and Rangers

Adventurers (boys) and Sunbeams (girls) are children aged 7-10 years. To be enrolled and wear the uniform children must pass a few simple tests, most of which inovlve memorisation. Once children become members they commence an exciting program that introduces them to skills like camping, sports, personal health and safety, conservation, first aid and home skillS.

Adventurer/Sunbeam Law

  • I will be God's friend and will care for His world
  • I will help others
  • I will think, say and do good things
  • I will care for my body by not using alcohol, tobacco or harmful drugs
  • I will always do my best

Adventurer/Sunbeam Prayer

Thank you God because You love and care for me. I'm sorry when I make you sad. Please help me to love and care for others and show me how to be more like Jesus. Amen.

Captain Sonia Jeffrey

Territorial Children's Ministry Sec.
Phone: (03) 8878 4594 Fax: (03) 8878 4826
The Salvation Army - Australian Southern Territory, 95 – 99 Railway Road, Blackburn VICTORIA 3130