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Guard & Rangers

SAGALA Explorers and Moonbeams

SAGALA Adventurers and Sunbeams

SAGALA Guards and Rangers

Enrolment as a Guard (girls) or Ranger (boys) follows the successful completion of the enrolment tasks. The Guard or Ranger may then wear the uniform and commence work on the program. The program includes camping, sports, life skills, Bible knowledge, community service, first aid, emergency procedures and a variety of hobbies such as craft, woodwork and designing.

Guard/Ranger Law

  1. I will put God first in my life and seek to please Him
  2. I will actively care for the environment
  3. I will be accepting and considerate of all people
  4. I will be clean in thought, word and action
  5. I will care for my body by not using alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other harmful substances
  6. I will show courage and integrity in all circumstances
  7. I will aim high to reach my full potential.

Guard/Ranger Prayer

I praise you, Mighty God, for Your wonderful world and the love You show me. Please forgive me when I do wrong and help me to forgive those who hurt me. Give me Your strength to stand for what is right, and teach me to be fair and honest in all I do. Help me to serve others and show me how to be more like Jesus. Amen.

Captain Sonia Jeffrey

Territorial Children's Ministry Sec.
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