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About Spiritual Life Development

Discipleship Co-ordinator

Cathy Elkington (Major), Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

Cathy is a child of God! She has a heart for drawing alongside people that they may grow in their connection with God, their understanding of themselves and subsequently how they live out their personal mission in the world.  
She is a trained Spiritual Director and is working on a Masters in Spirituality, and has served as Corps Officer for 20 years.

Cathy is passionate about equipping and empowering individuals and teams so that there is leadership of Spiritual Life Development in local and regional settings. To this end, Cathy is available to: speak at corps and divisional events; to lead silent retreats and quiet days.

Contact Details:

The Salvation Army Mission Resource Department
PO Box 479
Blackburn 3130
P: 03  8878 4761  M: 0437224584
E: cathy.elkington@aus.salvationarmy.org

The Approach to Making Disciples

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History of Spiritual Life Development

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