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Prayer diary July-Dec 2018

Message from the National Leaders

Greetings friends and partners in prayer,
We greet you as partners in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and as valued partners in prayer. We are grateful for your prayerful engagement in the journey of Australia One, positioning The Salvation Army for vibrant and impacting ministry in Australia well into the 21st Century. As a Movement, we can confidently declare the transformative power of God as we evidence that transformation both personally and as an organisation.

As followers of Jesus it is our desire to be ever changing through the power of the Spirit: that is to be sanctified. “To be like Jesus” is not simply a song we sing, it is the deep prayer of our hearts.

Individual and corporate spiritual growth depends upon engaging with Scripture and the development of personal spiritual practices. Spiritual disciplines are tried and true Christian practices that disciples of Jesus have used for centuries to assist in the transforming work of God, allowing God by his Word and Spirit to change us into the likeness of Christ.

This edition of the National Prayer Diary weaves together prayer with other spiritual disciplines. We encourage you to take the opportunity over the coming months to engage with the practices included, as you work your way through the prayer diary. As we pray, God works to answer prayer and works within us. It is our desire that as we pray, God will answer the deep prayer of our hearts:

To be like Jesus this hope possessing us, 
His Spirit helping us,
Like him we’ll be.

Floyd and Tracey Tidd


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Prayer Diary July Dec 2018


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