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Anchor Point

Christopher Trodden
Refreshing your soul in a busy world

By Christopher Trodden

How many of us here today find ourselves flat out at work?
Do you ever catch yourself thinking:
•    ‘how am I meant to get it all done?’
•    ‘how am I meant to fit this all in?’
How many of us feel overwhelmed at times?
•    There’s too much going on,
•    There’s not enough time in one day!

Life is busy, and it seems to be getting busier and busier. The urgent often drowns out the important.

The Bible directs all of us to: ‘Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people (Ephesians 6:7 NLT).

We are encouraged to work in a way that would bring honour to God, but left unchecked, this desire to please the Lord can lead to overworking and an unhealthy lifestyle.

I see this playing in out in people’s lives as ‘more work and less boundaries’.

And over time this can have adverse effects:

•    Over-tired (maybe with headaches, sore eyes…),
•    Having less time for family, friends, others, or ourselves,
•    Eating convenient but unhealthy meals, or
•    Find ourselves with less and less energy.
The danger of being constantly busy is that we can also find ourselves growing more and more spiritually tired; and when we are tired spiritually, human nature has a tendency to drift away from God.

Because of busyness we can sometimes stop; reading the Bible regularly, praying, journaling, worshipping and practising our preferred spiritual discipline.

Busyness is a real tension point for many of us. It wears on our souls. It drains us. It stops us from being our best selves. If we are not careful, we will work so hard to get it all done that we will get undone in the process.

So what do we do when busyness is getting the better of us? How do we slow down long enough to remain connected with God? And how do we get God’s help in all of this? Well, in all things we look to Jesus.

1. Jesus modelled two things that will help us overcome busyness

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