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Other Prayer and Spirituality Resources

Go Pray

Go Pray

Organise a Prayer Walk  in your neighbourhood.

The purpose of prayer walking our neighbourhoods is to prepare the environment for spiritual receptivity as well as to spread blessing.

The Whole World Mobilising

General Andre Cox dreams of an Army where all are actively mobilising to pray for their neighbourhoods.

Get some ideas to plan a prayer walk

More detailed info about planning your walk

Breath Prayer Resource

Breath prayer

Download this simple instruction sheet to learn how to practice a breath prayer.

Breath prayers can be useful to become aware of God's presence in your life. As you practice mindfulness by focusing in on your breath you can find moments of relaxation and peace in God's presence.

Download Breath Prayer Resource DOCX

Download Breath Prayer Resource PDF

Download Breath Prayer Resource PDF
Download Breath Prayer Resource DOCX

Resources for daily prayer

We are blessed with the opportunity to learn and engage with other Christian spiritual traditions. One of the areas that this really helps us in is the area of prayer and spirituality. They are many different traditions of spirituality within the universal church and they have much to teach us about deepening our own prayer relationship with God. The following sites may assist you:

For daily prayer in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality:


Daily Prayers for MP3 Player

Pray as you goFor daily prayer downloads for MP3 players. This site combines music, Scripture and some questions for reflection. Can be downloaded as a podcast and has its own app:


 You VersionBible App

You version Bible App

You Version Bible app connects you to a multitude of bible translation and devotionals. Available through Android and Apple App Stores

Where to find resources to learn about spirituality and prayer (in a variety of Christian traditions)

Christian Bookshops and resource websites