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The Power of blessing

Shirley Templeman Twells and Cheryl Ciccotosto

The power of blessing by Shirley Templeman Twells and Cheryl Ciccotosto

Shirley and Cheryl are both soldiers at Mandurah Corps Western Australia. They live in the small country town of Waroona where they lead the Waroona Outpost, holding fortnightly Sunday meetings as well as being involved in their local community. Shirley is also on the Senior Leadership Team at Mandurah Corps, and the Recruiting Sergeant for Waroona. Both Shirley and Cheryl regard it a privilege and a blessing to be able to do what they do, and to share the love of Jesus through blessing and prayer.

Blessing others through prayer is more than a different way of praying, it’s a new way of living, living like Jesus, because we always want the best for others. As we bless people and places in the name of Jesus, we change the atmosphere around us, we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth as we declare the praises of our wonderful God.

Hi, my name is Shirley and I would like to share with you an amazing move of God which is taking place all over the world as people are discovering the power of blessing others through prayer.

I have been involved in the ministry of prayer for over 20 years, but something happened almost five years ago now, that not only changed the way I pray, but changed the way I live. The same thing happened for my friend, Cheryl. We were introduced to the book, ‘The Grace Outpouring’.  It told the story of how God was moving in people’s lives at a tiny Christian retreat centre in South Wales called  Ffald-y-Brenin (pronounced falder er brenin. In Welsh it means: ‘The Sheepfold of the King’). Read More