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Making It Happen

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Throughout the history of Women's Ministries in the Australian Southern Territory our women have Making It Happenbeen committed to making a difference in people's lives, especially those who live in poverty and despair in developing countries.

Today their need increases, with many women and children around the world experiencing disadvantage. For this reason, we want to be creative in our efforts to deliver them from exploitation, abuse or any form of discrimination. Nobody should experience circumstances where they are penalised because of their sex.

'Making It Happen' is a way we can make a significant difference in achieving this end.

The whole philosophy of 'Making It Happen' is grounded in the importance of giving. These initiatives are our way of expressing our love for others and letting this love inspire action.

In the past ten years, we have been able to contribute over $600,000 through our project ministry.

We are women called to action. I am more than confident that together we can 'Make It Happen'

2017/2018 Project Eva Burrows Women's Hostel, Indonesia

For the next two years, Making it Happen is partnering with the Indonesian Territory to fund much needed renovations at the Young Women's Hostel.

Young Women's Hostel

Located in Bandung, the Young Women's Hostel houses up to 25 women at any one time, ensuring a healthy environment and promoting wellbeing for these women.

While Indonesia features an array of housing for children, once these women reach university age, they are left with nowhere to live.  This program gives women a safe place as they enter university or the workforce, places where women are still disenfranchised.

With the money raised by Making It Happen, we are looking to give the home much needed renovations which will include:

  • Repairs to doors and windows
  • New kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Improved security
  • Supply new appliances and furnishings
  • Painting

Once the project is completed, the facility will cater for up to 30 women and will be rededicated as the 'Eva Burrows Women's Hostel'.

The target for the 2017/2018 Project is $135,000.