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A Reading Plan for Lent and Easter

Making Disciples | Rebecca Walker | 4 February 2011
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A Reading Plan for Lent and Easter
Life in western cultures is getting busier and busier, there are never ending demands on our time. It can be difficult to keep focus on what is important. It can be difficult to keep our eyes firmly planted on Jesus. By the time we get to Easter, it can be easy to feel numb to what it is that we are remembering, as we go again through the annual rituals. Lent is a time to refocus and re-centre ourselves in the gospel. 

The following is a reading plan, using sources from across the gospels to piece together an account of Jesus’ last weeks as he approached Jerusalem, and the events that preceded his death. It emphasises the tension of those final weeks, and the shock Jesus’ disciples experienced when Jesus said he must die. It shows the tension between his arrival in Jerusalem as King, with the refusal of the religious authorities to acknowledge him. It culminates in Jesus’ last supper with his disciples on the night he was betrayed, along with the crucifixion and resurrection narratives.

Saturating ourselves in the gospel narratives during Lent will bring fresh appreciation of what Jesus did for us at Easter. With each reading:

  1. Read over the passage a few times. Sit with the passage and really see what it is saying
  2. Meditate on how this passage affects your life. What does it tell you about God? How should you respond to God? What is God saying about your life?
  3. Pray through the implications of the passage for your life. How do you need God’s help to bring about that transformation? Ask him for his grace to do his will.
  4. Rest in God’s presence. Enjoy Him!
  5. Act on what God has shown you. Rest in his grace to achieve the transformation he desires.  

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