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Devotional Materials

New Zeal: Basic Training for Christians

When a person makes a decision for Christ that is only the start of their Christian journey. It is important to have a process in place for supporting new Christians to understand the faith they have professed.This is the task that New Zeal has been written to assist with.

CSLD: Spiritual Disciplines - Abstinence

Spiritual disciplines are habits that help position us before God to be transformed into Christlikeness. Disciplines of abstinence counteract tendencies toward sins of commission.

'Words of Life' Now Available Electronically

THE Salvation Army's daily reading book, Words of Life, has been made available in electronic format, potentially opening it up to a whole new readership. Content can be accessed on e-readers as well as through the Kindle application which can be installed on many mobile phones or tablets such as the iPad.

40 Days on Grace Bible Reading Plan

God’s mercy means that He does not give us what our sins deserve; His grace means that He gives us blessings that we do not deserve. Mercy brings our spiritual ‘bank balance’ back to zero, Grace makes us spiritual millionaires. Let’s spend forty days together, learning to understand better what it means to live life under the Grace of God.


40 Days on Justice Bible Reading Plan

God’s expectations of holiness go far beyond an individual’s personal morality and good standing with God. In fact, in the New Testament the word which is translated righteousness can also be translated as justice; and these two ideas are strongly linked throughout the whole bible. Holiness is also about the “loving our neighbour” issues of justice.

30 Days with William and Catherine

Lt. Colonel W. Edward Laity of the USA Southern Territory has compiled two 30 Day devotional resources based on the writings of William and Catherine Booth. Each day's reading has a bible verse, quote from William or Catherine, and a short principle on a single page.


40 Days on Covenant Bible Reading Plan

One of the key threads that run through the bible are the various covenants that God made with various people, including Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, David, and the New Covenant in Jesus Christ. The bible shows God both making and keeping covenant with people that he chose.

40 Days on the Kingdom Bible Reading Plan

Jesus’ central teaching was that the kingdom of God was near. But what exactly did he mean by that? 40 Days on the Kingdom is a Bible Reading Plan designed to help you understand what Christians mean when we speak about “the Kingdom of God”. Each day in the plan includes a biblical reference to read, and some contemplation questions to ponder.


40 Days With Jesus Bible Reading Plan

40 Days with Jesus is a Bible Reading Plan designed to lead you through the Bible on a journey to better understand Jesus. Each day in the plan includes a biblical reference to read, and some contemplation questions to ponder.

The Spirit Filled Life

We are so glad that you have asked the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse your heart and life from sin and to fill you with His Holy Spirit. This wonderful experience should mark a significant start to a new stage in your development as a Christian. With the Holy Spirit in full control of your life, your spiritual life should progress as never before.


Journey of Faith Devotional

The Journey of Faith Devotional Materials are aimed at new converts to help them through their first week of life as a Christian. It covers understanding conversion, the work of the Holy Spirit, prayer, the Bible, church involvement, whole-hearted Christian service and evangelism.