Social Programme
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Social Programme

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The Territorial Social Programme Department assists the Australian community through the work of 600 social programmes. The department provides resources, advocacy, and policy analysis relating to homelessness and housing; poverty; family violence; alcohol and other drugs; emergency relief; and courts and prisons chaplaincy.

Below are a range of researched, up-to-date factsheets on social issues:


Domestic Violence Facts

At least 23% of Australian women have survived instances of domestic / family violence; the Australian Bureau of Statistics puts the number at 2.2 million women. Family violence occurs when individuals misuse their power within an intimate relationship, ie. as a partner, parent or child.....

Homelessness Facts

On any given night across the country there are 105,000 Australians who are homeless. Homelessness includes people who lack adequate access to safe and secure housing......

Indigenous Facts

Australia's Indigenous peoples experience a significant over-representation in national figures of disadvantage, health and poverty.....

Poverty Facts

Poverty impacts people of all ages, regardless of ethnicity, background, religion or creed. Almost two million Australians - one in 10 of us - live in poverty.....

Addictions (Drugs and Alcohol) Facts

Addiction is a pervasive social reality throughout Australian society. Some people become addicted to substances after they use them to relieve pain from a medical or psychological issue (self-medication)....