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2017: The Easter Journey

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This pack has several creative resources for you this Easter, including full sermon transcripts, artwork, PowerPoint slides, invitation cards, Saturday devotional material and more.

To make editing and printing easier, we have also made available for the first time additional formatting styles. This will make it quicker for you to move text around, cut and paste, and change page sizes.

Download Easter Pack Overview PDF (1MB)


Easter Poster Preview


We have packaged all the Easter messages together to save you time. Choose Formatted PDF's or the Unformatted Word Docx. Combine these with the PowerPoint Slides and the 3 Children's Activities and you are ready to go.

5 Sermon Messages - PDF's joined (2MB)

5 Sermon Transcripts Unformatted Docx Zipped

5 Easter PowerPoint Slides (Widescreen)  PPT zipped (2MB)

3 Childrens Messages for Palm Sunday, Easter Friday & Sunday PDF's zipped


The Easter Journey- Cheers Fears and Tears Resource Preview

Sermon One: Cheers, Fears and Tears - Palm Sunday

This sermon looks at Palm Sunday through three different perspectives: the eyes of the crowd, the eyes of the Pharisees and through the eyes of Jesus. Small group discussions are interwoven throughout this message.

Cheers, Fears and Tears PDF
Cheers, Fears and Tears DOCX
Cheers, Fears and Tears (Unformatted) DOCX

PowerPoint Widescreen 16:9 PPT 1MB
PowerPoint  Normal 4:3 PPT
Cheers, Fears and Tears slide JPG

Children's Message and Activities
Children's Message and Activities

Easter 2017 - The Cost of Easter -Resource Preview

Sermon Two - The Cost of Easter - Good Friday

We often hear about the gift of salvation, how it is wonderfully free by trusting in Jesus, but how often do we stop to consider the enormous price Jesus paid on the cross for our sins?

The Cost of Easter PDF
The Cost of Easter DOCX
The Cost of Easter (Unformatted) DOCX

PowerPoint Widescreen 16:9 (1MB)
PowerPoint Normal 4:3
The Cost of Easter slide JPG

Children's Good Friday Message and Activities PDF
Children's Good Friday Message and Activities DOCX

Resource Preview - Luke 23: 50-56Devotional Booklet A5 Preview

Sermon Three - Silent Saturday -Easter Saturday Devotions

This short devotion offers a stirring thought about the tomb of Christ and guides us through a time of quiet reflection and prayer.

Silent Saturday A4 1MB PDF
Silent Saturday A4 1MB DOCX
Silent Saturday A5 Booklet 3MB PDF
Silent Saturday A5 Booklet PDF (with bleeds)
Silent Saturday (Unformatted) DOCX

PowerPoint Widescreen 16:9 (1MB)
PowerPoint Normal 4:3 (800KB)
Silent Saturday slide JPG

The Easter Journey A joy filled race preview

Sermon Four: A plan for healing - Resurrection Sunday

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus says: ‘…I have come to set at liberty those that are bruised’ (Luke 4:18 KJV). This message considers how we are all bruised in some way and how Jesus is our healer.

A Plan for Healing PDF
A Plan for Healing DOCX
A Plan for Healing (Unformatted) DOCX
PowerPoint Widescreen 16:9 PPT (1MB)
PowerPoint Normal 4:3 PPT

Children's Activities docx
Children's Activities pdf

Hide and seek preview

Bonus Sermon - For Lent

This message explores the background of sin and deliverance. It would be best used before Palm Sunday as it sets up why Jesus died on the cross.

Hide and Seek PDF
Hide and Seek DOCX (1MB)
Hide and Seek (unformatted) DOCX
Lent PowerPoint Widescreen 16:9 (1MB)
Lent PowerPoint Normal 4:3