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2018: Easter

Easter 2018 resources

To Corps Officers

We are aware that Easter is a busy time in the life of the church. There is much to do but there is also a great opportunity with the many visitors that can walk through the door during the Easter season. That's why we have put together a complete sermon presentation for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday with engaging professionally designed images and PowerPoint presentations ready to make it your own.

Download the files and you will see sermon outlines and transcripts with a message which seeks to engage your congregation by exploring the dramatic imagery of Jesus as the door to life. This will save you hours of preparation and help you to focus on the people you care for.

Please let us know how you found these resources. We would be pleased to hear any feedback, ideas or ways we can improve our resources. christopher.trodden@aus.salvationarmy.org


Palm Sunday

During the final week before His crucifixion, Jesus’ life is full of activity. As we consider the events of this week, we see how much love Jesus has for people and how He continuously focused on others. 

Easter Friday

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on Good Friday, we can now enter through the door that leads to eternal life.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a great day – a joyous day – a wonderful day! It’s the day we celebrate Jesus triumphing over death! The day we remember when the Son of God rose from the grave! It’s a celebration for us. We start this day with praise, with hope, with joy, thanking God for all He has done.

But the first Easter Sunday didn’t start out that way. Mary didn’t come to the tomb of Jesus with joy in her heart; she came with sorrow. She didn’t expect to find an empty tomb; she came to prepare a body for burial. It was only after she had an encounter with the living God did her sorrow turn in to joy…


Salvos Studios have created four stories this Easter with two themes, From one to another & The Invisible God. View on Youtube below or go to Salvos Studio  Download page - From One to Another

3 Videos combined - Includes stories of the Samaritan woman, Zacchaeus and The Blind Man 57 MB MP4

The Invisible God Video Download page

The Samaritan Woman Video Youtube

The blind man Video Youtube

Zacchaeus Video Youtube

The invisible God Video Youtube