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2018: Day of Prayer for Children

2018 Day of Prayer for Children - Alongside Others Banner - 655 x 248

The Day of Prayer for Children is scheduled on the International Salvation Army Calender for Sunday 29th July 2018. It is a day when the entire Salvation Army world is encouraged to place the world's children before God in focused prayer, acknowledging they are precious in God's sight.

This year our theme is ALONGSIDE OTHERS, where we will focus this Sunday on how young people are engaging in mission alongside others in their Corps and communties. Not only do children work ALONGSIDE OTHERS in mission in corps life, they also engage ALONGSIDE OTHERS during the week as they live as followers of Jesus.

There will be time for both young and old to commit to work alongside each other in mission and opportunity for Junior Soldier renewal.

We have provided the following resouces to help you engage together in worship:

  • sermon resources
  • video clip
  • meeting ideas
  • teaching ideas
  • prayer stations
  • home and beyond cards
  • powerpoint background slides
  • Alongside Others Promise cards
  • Junior Soldier Promise cards

God bless you as you prepare,

Sonia Jeffrey (Captain)