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Living our vision 6 week campaign

From February 11 to March 18 2018 Salvos throughout the movement will have opportunity to engage further with the National Vision in a six week ‘Living our Vision’ campaign.

An introduction week will be followed by five weeks, each focused on unpacking a line of the National Vision Statement.

To accommodate the diversity of Salvation Army expressions in our nation a collection of vision booster resources will be available for leaders to select from. Members of the Mission Support Team (AUE) and Territorial Mission Resources Department (AUS) have worked together to produce the materials.

The resources will include:

  • Downloadable posters (Suitable for all Salvo corps and centres)
  • Sermon outlines (formatted and unformatted versions)
  • Video clips
  • Children’s ministry lesson outlines
  • Small group materials for teenagers
  • Devotional messages (ideal for use in centre staff meetings)

Access the materials here (Once in DropBox Download the files via the link at top right)

If you have any questions please email the Australia One inbox:

australiaone@aue.salvationarmy.org or