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About Salvos schools

Why we engage with youth

When students’ awareness of The Salvation Army is increased and their understanding of those who are disadvantaged and marginalised in our communities is strengthened they are moved to act.  Their actions can include organising a fundraising event, volunteering with a local centre or organising an advocacy and awareness campaign.

Youth Homelessness Poster

Fundraising Impact Poster

Where we are located

We have Schools Development Representatives in Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth who can work with you in developing these relationships and action plans.

How we help you

  • We are happy to visit schools with you, dependent upon location, and present the workshops together.

Step by step process

  • An initial introductory phone call with the School Principal.
  • Request to meet with the Principal and discuss the benefits for the school.
  • Discuss the various resources The Salvation Army can provide to the school including the in school presentations, posters and potential volunteer opportunities.
  • Request the opportunity to talk to a group of students.
  • After the presentation follow up with an email asking if the school would like any further engagement with The Salvation Army, ie holding a fundraiser, further presentations, volunteer opportunities etc.
  • If they do hold a fundraiser follow up with thank you posters and certificates of appreciation.