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Benefits to Corps Officers

The benefits of engaging with a school are great.

On a local level you can develop partnerships with schools that could lead to:

  • Students organising and running fundraising events. Funds raised by a school in your local area, outside of the Red Shield Appeal, can be used to support the community work you are operating at  your Corps.
  • Having a presence in the school on a regular basis, like running a breakfast club or homework club.
  • Supporting the school and students whether it be during difficult times or other occasions.
  • Volunteer opportunities for secondary students.
  • Awareness of the mission of The Salvation Army amongst students, parents and teachers.


“You made me realise how lucky I am in life and how people have it so much worse than I do. The session made me want to help out The Salvation Army “

Student Trinity College Colac

"Not only have you changed my view on homelessness but you’ve made me want to help out because everyone can make a difference. The more people that help out, the more homeless people you can save so I’m going to try my best to get the word around because people are unaware like I first was. So, thank you for educating me and making me think differently about homelessness. You’ve inspired me to be a part of The Salvation Army one day and help make a difference.”

Aubrey Anderson
SalvoConnect Barwon Volunteer Manager

“If you are looking for an opportunity to include young people and help them ignite their fire for community engagement, then you need to work with schools and young people as volunteers. Transforming lives starts with having opportunities like these to talk with young people about the work we do and giving them a tangible role to play in that work .”

Shieldy with soldier, student and parent at primary school