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Training Materials

Thrift Shop

Guidelines for Corps Thrift Shops

These guidelines are designed to help and enhance the service of those engaged in this ministry and to provide guidance for various Corps Thrift Shops procedures.

5 stages of bringing your sermon to life

5 Stages of bringing your message to life

I've been giving presentations for over 18 years now and I find it helpful to think of the creation process in 5 stages:

7 tips on surviving as a presenter

7 Tips on surviving as a presenter

Why you can expect to be low the day after presenting and what you can to do about it...

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Managing your inbox

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking in trying to respond to or deal with the never ending stream of emails every day? In today’s digitally connected age, it’s common to open our inboxes to a flood of emails.

Call to Arms: Soldiership Training for The Salvation Army

Call to Arms

Soldiership preparation materials - God has called his church to partner with him in reconciling all people to himself. This is the Call to Arms.

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SACi Learning Module

"SACi - The Salvation Army Alcohol Culture Initiative aims to reduce Australia's alcohol harm by changing the culture around alcohol" A detailed learning module of five sections is located here.

Code Blue Thumbnail

Code Blue Local Officer Training

Code Blue includes six modules to train and further develop lay leaders.

Adherent Membership Thumbnail

Adherent Membership Training

Adherency training covers the ministry of the whole person - corps ministries, social programmes, options for membership and how people can become an adherent member.

Connectional Ministries Thumbnail

Connectional Ministries

The ability for people to develop relationships with others is absolutely critical if a church is to both attract and keep newcomers. People are not merely looking for a friendly church; they are looking to make friends.

Cross Cultural Backpack Thumbnail

Cross Cultural Back Pack

This BackPack Training Module has been designed to equip leaders and potential leaders in developing their cross-cultural ministry.

Corps Learning Plan Template Thumbnail

Corps Learning Plan Template

This Learning Plan template is designed to help you plan how to lead your corps through learning something new, taking into account the four learning styles.

Leadership Coaching Thumbnail

Leadership Coaching

What is a coach? And how can you use coaching methods to build capacity in others.

Worship in the Worship Leader's Life Thumbnail

Worship in a Worship Leader's Life

What is worship? What place should worship have in a Worship Leader's Life?